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Cafe Santa Maria's history

In 1972 Don Hector Herrera bought a property called Villa Santa Maria to Don Santiago Marchena of the municipality of Santa Clara, in the Community of the Ural, the lot is 50 blocks equivalent to 25 acres for the production of coffee. With a height of 1,300 meters (3,900 feet) is suitable for producing quality coffee. To 32 km from the City of San Fernando, Nueva Segovia and to 282 km from the capital Managua.

In 1973 Don Hector Herrera began to grow coffee, the planted coffee was called caturra, which takes 2 to 3 years to harvest. In 1975 he harvested the first 100 quintals, which led to the Municipality of San Fernando to be processed and exported by a company called Grano de Oro, his owner was Carlos Canofle, a foreigner who bought coffee at the time, the price ranged between $ 150-200 a quintal of coffee.

In 1976 we produced 600 quintals. In 1977 the ground was so good that produced increasingly more and more. In 1978 La Finca Santa Maria produced 1,000 quintals, in that same year Don Hector Herrera inherits their children Marcio Herrera, Eddy Herrera and Hugo Herrera, the production of that year bought two farms more: Don Eddy Herrera ( Finca Santa Marta ) and Don Hugo Herrera, remaining as owner of La Finca Santa Maria Don Marcio Herrera. But the production had to stop because the country was at war.

In 1990 without war, the production begins again, and Doña Beatriz Ortez, mother of the Herrera brothers manage La Finca Santa Maria until 1998, planting two types of coffee, coffee arabica and Caturra, maintaining the excellent export quality.

Don Eddy Herrera currently manages the Santa María because Don Marcio works in the United States of America, being a close family who help each other. La Finca Santa Maria produces today 1,000 quintals of coffee that are sold to CISA and Atlantic, coffee exporting companies in Nicaragua. San Fernando probably produces between 20,000 and 30,000 quintals of coffee, for over 100 years San Fernando has been one of the largest municipalities in coffee producing; highlighting the families Herrera Ortez as the largest producers.
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